Industry Workshop on High Efficiency Solar Cells, Auxiliary Materials and Technologies Related



Date:   4 June 2019

Room: Kerry Hotel Pudong, Shanghai, Pudong Ballroom 1-3

Time:   09:00-17:45

With the launch of the "Super Top Runner Program", the solar industry is accelerating the transition from research and development to mass production of high-efficiency solar cell and module technologies. Meanwhile, the demand of PV industry to reduce the LCOE is becoming increasingly strong, and new integration trend of technology appears. At present, the high-efficiency solar cell technologies selected by the industry mainly include p-type mono-&multi-silicon PERC, n-type PERT, TOPCon, HJT and new-type IBC, while high-efficiency module technologies include bifacial, halfcut, MBB and shingled technologies. This Industry Workshop will focus on different topics on high efficiency solar cells, modules, auxiliary materials and related cutting-edge technologies, and discuss how to effectively reduce costs, improve conversion efficiency and promote healthy competition and development of the industry on the basis of improving product quality.


Program (4 June 2019)

Moderator: Prof. Rensheng Liu, Executive Vice Director, Institute for Solar Energy System, Sun Yat-Sen University

Dr Nabih Cherradi, CTO, Desert Technologies


Dr Min Gu Kang

Principal Researcher, Solar Cell Laboratory, Korea Institute of Energy Research (KIER)

A Study of recombination loss by silver metallization with n-type doped Si


Mr Murat Aldemir

GTC Gunes Sanayi ve Ticaret As

Temperature Mapping of PV modules


Dr Yuyan Li

Senior Research Engineer, Dow Packaging and Specialty Plastics, Dow Chemical (China) Investment Co., Ltd.

POE-based Encapsulant Film Extend Module Lifetimes beyond Current Expectations


Dr Kaushik Roy Choudhury

Principal Investigator, DuPont

Material choices impact performance and lead to critical failures of PV modules in the field


Ms Yan Fang

Product Manager, Crown Advanced Material Co., Ltd.

Application of Polyolefin Materials in Photovoltaic


Dr Luigi Marras

CTO, Coveme

Facing the challenges of bifacial and lightweight modules: New material developments in front- and backsheets as valid alternatives for glass


Dr Shulin Wang

CTO, GS-Solar

Monocrystalline Silicon Heterojunction Solar Cells and Progress in Mass Production


Mr Jack Li

DSM China Limited

Differentiated requirements of modules


Dr Jianhua Sun

Head of Sinomach new energy research institute, SUMEC

Trend in of Industrialization of High Efficiency Solar Module


Mr Maurice Lion

Botest Systems GmbH

High speed solar cell IV testing at cycle times of 1000ms and less


Mr Thomas Henke

Solibro Hi-Tech GmbH

Efficiency improvement by using sputtered ZnMgO films as alternative buffer layer in commercial CIGS modules


Dr Maarten van der Vleuten


Optimization of Cu(In,Ga)(Se,S)2absorbers by elemental selenium-sulfur annealing of sputtered precursors on 30x30 cm2


Dr Hao Jin

Vice President, Jinko Solar

Progress and application of standards about photovoltaic cells


Mr Jiong Zheng

Senior Engineer, YINGLI

Research on optimization for structure of PV ribbon


Mr Oleg Belyakov

Helios-Resource Ltd.

Three-dimensional Model of a Multi-crystalline Ingot based on Photoluminescent Images of Wafers


Mr Yirong Zhang

Product Manager, Changzhou Shichuang Energy Technology Co.,Ltd.

Shichuang SE Alkali Polishing Efficiency Improvement Solution


Moderator: Prof Yuwen Zhao, Honorary Chairman, China Photovoltaic Society (CPVS)

Dr Zhongwei Zhang, CTO, Nantong Sumin Renewable Energy Technology Co., Ltd.


Mr Ziqian Wang


Investigation of BBR3 Diffusion Technology for N-type Crystal Silicon Solar Cell


Dr. Donny Lai

Research Scientist, Solar Energy Research Institute of Singapore (SERIS)

Laser Ablation Optimization for PERC Solar Cells


Dr Jiwei Feng

R&D Manager, Heraeus Materials Technology Shanghai Ltd.

The new Trend of Screen Printing and Heraeus PV Paste Solution


Mr Jan Lossen

Senior Scientist, ISC Konstanz e. V.

Passivated contacts from Sputter PVD silicon layers


Dr Narahari S Pujari

Manager-R&D, Macdermid Alpha Electronic Solutions

Prevention of Weak Solder Joint Formation in Multi Busbar Interconnection


Dr Guangyao Jin

Chief Scientist, DuPont

Metallization Paste for N-type solar cell mass production toward 23.5% efficiency


Dr Fute Zhang

Technical Director, Jolywood(Suzhou) Sunwatt Co., Ltd.

Why bi-facial transparent Fluorine backsheet?


Dr Arthur Chen

Scientist, China Steel Corporation (Taiwan)

Development of CuGa and CuGa-alkali metal sputtering targets for CIGS solar cells


Dr Monica Aleman

Senior Researcher Si-PV, Imec

22% Large-Area Front-Junction Screen-Printed Bifacial n-type Si Solar Cells


Dr Serena Lin Fen

Senior Research Scientist, SERIS, NUS

Small-area n-type monoPolyTM Silicon Solar Cells for Tandem Applications


Dr Huili Han

ShunDe SYSU Institute for Solar Energy

Comparison of study on the degradation of monocrystalline silicon photovoltaic modules exposed in different climates


Dr Eddie Hsueh

REC Solar Norway AS

Application of optimized Elkem Solar Silicon® (ESS®) feedstock for HP multi and mono crystalline solar industries


Mr Guofeng Wang

Director of PV Lab, GCL System Integration Technology Co.,Ltd

High reliable high-Efficiency 400W+ module technologies


Dr Kyotaro Nakamura

Invited Research Fellow, Toyota Technological Institute

Newly Developed Low Cost Metallization Paste for Si Hetero-Junction Solar Cell


Mr Simon Meijer


Thermal Management of PV: Cost Effective Cooling Methods


Prof Jatindra Kumar Rath

I.I.T. Madras

Synthesis and Characterization of Silicon-Germanium alloy Nanoparticles in Nonthermal Capacitively-Coupled Plasmas


Dr Emily Parnham

DuPont Teijin Films

For a Sustainable Future – Halogen Free PV Backsheet Without Compromising Performance


Program (5 June 2019)

Moderator: Prof Ying Zhao, Director of College of Electronic Information and Optical Engineering, Nankai University


Mr Shudong Zhou

General Manager, Guangzhou Bothleader Electrical Materials., Ltd

The mechanism and harm of snail trails


Mr Kean Chen

Module R&D Manager, Suzhou Talesun Solar Technologies Co., Ltd.

Study on anti-PID performance of water photovoltaic modules


Mr Shu Zhang
Trina Solar Senior Manager of high efficiency module R&D
Industrial application of MBB