SNEC 10th Anniversary -- "Apollo" Award

Going through difficulties before embracing the achievements, Together and confidently we foresee the success of future

SNEC 10th Anniversary -- “Apollo” Award Winners
To those PV persons, 2016 is a miraculous year. Someone holds that 2016 is the first year of a PV era of the earth, while someone says it ends a PV decade of China.
SNEC PV Power Expo has become the best eyewitness and the best promoter for a prompt development of PV industry in China. SNEC sets up a platform for those entrepreneurs who have never been involved in energy field before to fully show their PV talents and to become new energy bigwigs enjoying their fames throughout the world. SNEC connects a bridge to make many Chinese PV entrepreneurs compete overseas, Chinese PV new energy lightening everywhere in the world. SNEC faithfully records the puberty of Chinese PV industry when many PV entrepreneurs successfully overcome the market turbulence and difficult dilemma caused by the global financial crisis and the Anti-dumping and Anti- subsidy in Europe and USA. SNEC stands together with world’s PV dealers through thick and thin as well as advocates peace and oppose rat race. It also advocates, supports and promotes the establishment of Asia PV Industry Association (APVIA) and Global Solar Council (GSC).
On this occasion of the 10th Anniversary of SNEC, and to sincerely and deeply express gratitude to these international organizations, scientists, PV experts and PV enterprises who always support solar energy and PV industry development and always take part in and support SNEC, the Organizing Committee presented ten “Apollo” Awards via a series of celebrations:

1.    Outstanding Contributions to PV industry

2.    Pioneer and Leader of PV Industry

3.    Leader of PV Industrial Organization

4.    Distinguished PV Scientist

5.    Industrial Leader of PV Industry

6.    Technological Leader of PV Industry

7.    Technological Leading Company of PV Industry

8.    SNEC 10 Years Sustainability Company

9.    Terawatt Level PV Industry Media

10.  Best Booth Design & Building, as well as Full Support Figures