Industry Workshop on Balance of System and O&M of PV Plants


Date: 4 June 2019

Room:Kerry Hotel Pudong, Shanghai, Pudong Ballroom 4

Time:  09:00-16:00

Due to the bidding scheme and electricity price reduction, the issues of quality control, operation and maintenance management, efficiency improvement of the PV power plants need to be addressed. The operation and maintenance efficiency of PV power plants will directly affect the operation stability and power generation of the plant. This workshop will gather together industry elites to discuss on the advanced BOS technologies, the improvement of energy efficiency and renewable energy utilization, and the design, construction, operation of PV power plants. 


Moderator: Mr Sicheng Wang, Researcher, Energy Research Institute, NDRC

Mr Zhegen Chen, Honorary Chairman, Zhejiang Renewable Energy Association


Mr Rajesh Kumar

Senior Site Engineer, Mahindra Susten Pvt. Ltd.

Calculation of Inverter power clipping loss due to PV array oversizing


Mr Xishan Wang

Deputy Chief Engineer of Solution Sales Huawei Smart PV Business in China Region

AI boost FusionSolar 1500V Smart PV Solution for Safe & Reliable O&M


Mr Jinmin Chen

Chairman, Jiangsu Linyang PV O&M Co., Ltd.

The Era of PV O&M: back to the Nature of PV O&M


Dipl. Ing. Oliver Strecke

CEO, viamon GmbH

Solar power plant thefts – target objects and procedure


Mr Yucheng Du

Senior Product Manager, SiNeng Electric Co., Ltd.

Discussion on design optimization of ground power station system in the era of parity


Mr Andrew Cifala

Test Solution Architect, Keysight Technologies, Inc.

Distributed Solar Array Simulation for Faster Testing and Increased Performance Bankability of Multi-Input / Multi-MPPT PV Inverters


Mr Shaun Milano

Product Line Director – Current Sensors, Allegro MicroSystems

Innovative fully integrated current sensor ICs meet high isolation and accuracy requirements for photovoltaic inverter string monitoring and MPPT applications


Mr Dahai Kang

CEO, Concord New Energy Group

AI-empowered Solar Farm Operation and Maintainence


Mr Jianxiang Lu

Suzhou Radiant Photovoltaic Technology Co., Ltd.

Intelligent Operation & Maintenance System Of PV Power Station Based On Cloud Platform


Mr Yan Huang

EPC Lean Management Promotes PV Power Plants Enter into the Age of Grid Parity

EPC Lean ManagementAn impetus for PV Power Plants' journey to Grid Parity


Mr Rujin Xie

TrinaPro Director in China

Trinapro push the connection to grid at an equal price


Mr Zhimin Yuan

Senior Manager, Shenzhen Growatt New Energy Technology Co., Ltd.

Application of intelligent diagnosis technology in photovoltaic inverter


Mr Ming Xiao

R&D Supervisor, TONSAN Adhesive, Inc.

Application-Study of Adhesive in Distributed Photovoltaic Installation


Dr Leendert Florusse

Rooftop Energy

Solar as a service



Mr Fan Zhang

PV Business Department Manager, Tongwei Co., Ltd.

Frontier Technology of Fisheries & PV Integration Operation and Maintenance


Mr Hongwei Zhou

GM of PV Inverter Business Division, TBEA Xi’an Electric Technology Co., Ltd.

Sharing of Optimal LCOE Solution at Grid Parity


Mr Charles Yin

Chief Engineer, Innovpower Technology Co., Ltd.

UAV and Cleaner Lead the Intelligent Operation & Maintenance


Mr Henry Luo

GM & Co-founder, Uper Energy

Delivering Smart O&M Services, Bring New Vitality to Power Plants Sold UPER's Best Practices


Mr Winston Wu

Vice President of Product Technology, AISWEI New Energy Technology (Jiangsu) Co., Ltd

High Quality Gene of inverter


Mr Chengsong Zhang

General Manager, Shandong Ze Neng Electric Power Technology Co., Ltd. 

A new model for training skilled technician in new energy and electric power


Dr Xavier Daval


Stochastic analysis of production & exposure to market volatility of large-scale pv plants


Mr Jundan Wang

General Manager, Zhejiang Benyi Electrical Co., Ltd.

How to be a smart manufacturer of photovoltaic components


Mr Jieming Wang

GM of Operation Center, GCL New Energy Operation Limited

Innovative operation mode, to realize automatic management come true


Ms Jin Wang

Senior Engineer, Shenzhen Yingqin Investment Co., Ltd.

Application and advantages of Super DYMA in the PV industry