Dear SNEC2019 Exhibitor,
The door of photovoltaic grid parity era is opening, and the time of “no subsidy” comes. To promote industry cooperation and exchange, as well as encourage product upgrading and innovation, SNEC 13th (2019) International Photovoltaic Power Generation and Smart Energy Exhibition & Conference will take place on June 3-6, 2019 in Shanghai, China. 2019 Int’ l Energy Storage and Hydrogen & Fuel Cell Conference will be held concurrently.
According to the 2019 work plan, the Organizing Committee will continue to provide two value-added services: SNEC2019 “Top 10 Highlights” Awards and On-site Presentation, and Global Media Joint Interview. The services will help exhibitors promote best products, show frontier technologies, and spread business philosophy. Hence, creative ideas and concepts will stand out, and hardworking and sweat will harvest fruits.
SNEC2019 “Top 10 Highlights” Awards and On-site Presentation
——Application Deadline: April 26, 2019
SNEC “Top 10 Highlights” Selection Event is a high-profile part of the “SNEC PV POWER EXPO” , with the aim of setting the latest and most advanced technologies and products apart from other exhibits at the show. Through media propaganda about the selection event, SNEC hopes to encourage technological innovation, push the industry to pursue technical forefront. The selection requirements are published as follows. 
Participation Method:
Please log into SNEC official website - click “Booth Reservation/Exhibitor Login” , enter your contract number and password, enter “Exhibitor services” , fill out the application form of “Top 10 Highlights” , to apply for SNEC2019 “Top 10 Highlights” Awards and On-site Presentation. 
(1)The Selection of “Top 10 Highlights”
Selection Process: Exhibitor self-recommendation followed by organizer selection. Exhibitors shall log into SNEC official website to submit the application information of “Top 10 Highlights” (eg. new product/technology) to the Organizing Committee for the evaluation before April 26, 2019. (The schedule is tight; any delay will make application invalid.)

Selection Principles:
Regarding the field such as power devices, materials, equipments, and applications, etc., all kinds of highlights are welcomed to join the competition as long as it can be described with superlatives such as the largest, the most refined, the topest, the latest, and the most beautiful, active, lively, impressive, etc. Please pay attention to the three requirements:
1) “Advancement” : the most leading technologies or products in the world;
2) “Originality” : independent innovation technology or product in its own country;
3) “Sociality” : having great social influence and being much likely to attract lots of visitors during exhibition;

Dispaly Types:
1) Exhibitors, chosen as "Top 10 Highlights", will be awarded certificates in the SNEC2019 “Awards Ceremony” ;
2) "Top 10 Highlights" will be published on the “Show Daily” newspaper distributed during the exhibition.

(2)On-site Presentation of “Top 10 Highlight” How to apply:
Please log into SNEC official website to submit the application information of “Top 10 Highlights” speechmaker, to apply for on-site presentation of “Top 10 Highlight” . SNEC (2019) PV POWER CONFERENCE Organizing Committee will make unified arrangement for all presentations and inform you the schedule thereafter.

About the Presentation:
1) We will offer a 10-15mins time-slot for each presentation which shall focus on the Highlight submitted other than totally company advertisement or promotion.
2) The on-site presentation about Highlight is free; please provide some gifts for the event.
3) In order to guarantee the smoothness and order of the meeting progress, oral presentation materials (Max. 15 slides) are required by May 20, 2019. Any hesitation on the pretext of confidential elements will not be accepted as we assume that all information in a presentation shall be public. SNEC organizing committee hereby promises that all the materials submitted will not be publicized in any way from our source before the conference dates.
Global Media Joint Interview
——Application Deadline: April 26, 2019
To better promote communication between industry and medias, the Organizing Committee sets up a “Media Zone” and invites mainstream media in and abroad to interview and popularize at full speed. The interviewees,who are industry leaders or business elites, can promote new technologies, new products and new ideas. Also,they can answer hot issues of public concern. The audiences will be business representatives, scientists, entrepreneurs and financiers etc. Please log into SNEC website to submit application materials for the interview from toady to April 26, 2019.
Participation Method:
Please log into SNEC official website - click "Booth Reservation/Exhibitor Login", enter your contract number and password, enter "Exhibitor services” , fill out the “application form of Global Media Joint Interview” , to apply for Global Media Joint Interview.
About 2019 SNEC
Key players from all over the world will once again feature a showcase of solar PV solutions at SNEC (2019) PV POWER EXPO, of which the exhibits cover every section of the whole PV industry chain. We expect over 1800 exhibitors, 200,000 sq. meters space and over 220,000 visits. The concurrent SNEC (2019) PV Power Generation and Smart Energy Conference, that covers market trend analysis, development strategy, policy orientation of countries, frontier technologies, PV Finance etc., is an golden opportunity to present achievements.

For more details about the event, please consult:

Phone: +86-21-33685538