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American Original Documentary Call for Film Distributor in China Record the Historic Solar-powered Plane That Circumnavigate the Globe, Finishing an Impossible Flight 'Point of No Return'

1.New Documentary Film Released

San Francisco/Shanghai 10th May 2019. The New Energy Industry Association Asia Pacific and Shanghai New Energy Association (SNEIA) released together the large documentary, which fully records the story of the first solar-powered plane attempting to circumnavigate the globe. The historic documentary is shot by Co-Directors Quinn Kanaly and Noel Dockstader. The co-producer grants the exclusive rights to New Energy Industry Association Asia Pacific to prepare for the release of the documentary in China, and after completion, the Association will solely manage the release of the documentary in China. Now, trailer of the documentary is released.

2.Name of the Documentary: Point of No Return

3.A Summary of the Documentary:

The first solar-powered plane soaring at 26,000 feet without a drop of fuel and begins a historic global flight. The project has been beset by numerous unknown risks, such as bad weather and technique, which indicates that accidents may happen at any time. The trans-Pacific leg was one of the risk part of the plane's global travels because of flying over the vast sea for 5 consecutive days.

The 95-minute documentary records many dramatic scenes that are thrilling and shocking. The documentary will bring insight into the world's historic solar-powered global flight, and present the real scene of finishing an impossible journey. Bertrand Piccard and Andre Borschberg have been taking turns flying the plane, while fighting with nature, going against their support crew, and even struggling with logic itself. This not only makes history, but also stimulates a green energy revolution!

4.Film Type: Large Documentary (documentary|English)

5.Purpose of Shooting

The project will help spur people explore the clean energy by showcasing the world's cutting-edge science and technology. Solar energy, as an inexhaustible renewable and clean energy, helps to protect the Earth that human being live on, protect the ecological environment and reduce carbon dioxide emission. The around-the-world journey creates a new chapter of solar-powered flight, and shows people the unlimited potential and broad possibilities of solar energy utilization.

The documentary tracks how could the solar aircraft team build the plane with a wingspan wider than a Boeing 747, and powered by more than 17,000 solar cells. Also, it details how could the Swiss adventurer and pilot- Bertrand Piccard and Andre Borschberg overcome the risks and difficulties, and how could the ground teams support them, as well as debate with them sometime to accomplish the 42000-kilometer-global flight.

In the documentary, there are scenes of gaining support from Nanjing and Chongqing airport in China, of flyover of the Egyptian pyramids, of fly-by over the Golden Gate Bridge in America, of landing at NASA, of revisiting Dayton, Ohio which is a historical landmark where the Wright Brothers developed aircraft, of UN Secretary General Ban Ki-moon who expressed praise in a live-streamed conversation with the pilot, jointly witnessed by representatives from 180 states on the scene of the United Nations General Assembly.

This historic flight has attracted worldwide attention and received extensive coverage from the mainstream media of all countries in the world, including BBC, CNN, NBC, ABC, PBS, NOVA, Discovery, Wall Street Journal, Time, National Geographic, China Daily, CCTV, Phoenix Satellite TV, Sina. com, IQYI, etc. Only the Quinn Kanalyand Noel Dockstader team shot in full and exclusively produced a large-scale documentary to show the historic global flight to the audience in more detail.

The film aims to pay tribute to the heroic pilots and their support teams who dare to challenge, take risks, and show great courage. Besides, it pays tribute to the practitioners who constantly challenge the limits of solar energy and new energy utilization!

We also thank Quinn and Noel documentary team for bringing us this visual feast!


Director and Producer : Quinn Kanaly, Noel Dockstader

6.Broadcast Platforms: Cinemas, Theatres, TV Station, and New Media in China

Trailer of the Documentary: 
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Short video of the Global Flight: 
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Now, Call for Film Distributor of Point of No Return in China Opens

Contact: Ms Wang Qun
Tel: 021-33683167-809

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