Important notice
All personnel entering exhibition hall must present original ID card. International visitors must present valid passport for inspection, and take photos at designated registration desk.
Important notice
All personnel entering exhibition hall must present original ID card. International visitors must present valid passport for inspection, and take photos at designated registration desk.
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One Flaming Sun, Countless Bright Stars

The 9th SNEC PV POWER EXPO Successfully Held

The largest specialized PV exhibition in the world -- SNEC 9th (2015) International Photovoltaic Power Generation Conference & Exhibition successfully closed on April 30, 2015.

This year’s Exhibition, with an area of 160,000 square meters, attracted 1538 exhibitors who brought various exhibits including PV production equipment, materials, PV cells, PV application products and modules and PV projects and systems, covering all sections of PV industry chain. Over 150,000 professionals and ordinary people visited the exhibition, appreciating the endless charm of the solar PV power generation together.

More than 1300 scientists and leaders in PV industry took part in SNEC Conference, including “Solar Leaders Dialogue”, “Scientific Conference”, ”Global PV Financial Summit”, ”Global PV Power and Energy Storage Summit”, and Industry Workshop on Advanced PV Technologies which covers several fields.

SNEC (2015) International Solar Energy and Green Building Conference & Exhibition was held concurrently for the first time. Well-known designers and experts from home and aboard who began to explore the application of green building years ago shared their experience about the integration of PV power generation into architectural design to create genuine green buildings at the Conference. After the Conference, the award ceremony of the 2015 Challenge Cup of Solar Building Design and Engineering was held.

Two pieces of news caused a sensation during SNEC this year: one is about the Solar Impulse 2. Mr. Gregory Blatt, the Director of the air crew of Solar Impulse 2, the first solar–powered plane in the history to fly around the world, arrived at SNEC from Nanjing. He introduced the legendary story about this plane, and also planned to make Solar Impulse 3 together with Chinese entrepreneurs. Another is about Renda Master of Zhengjue Temple in Shandong and his disciple Miaohai (Miaohai is Haiyan Sun’s Buddhist name. Haiyan Sun is former CEO of Oerlikon China). They specially came to SNEC2015, and pointed out that PV power generation and Buddhist compassion is arising from the same principle and Buddhism would make more contribution to the development of Chinese PV industry.

Next year, SNEC will hold its 10th edition of Exhibition and Conference. We cordially invite you to the increasingly maturing and internationally influential SNEC event on May 24th -26th, 2016. We look forward to meet you next year!


  • Approved by Shanghai Municipal Commission of Commerce [Ref. No. (2014)-DZ15-225], SNEC 9th (2015) International Photovoltaic Power Generation Conference & Exhibition [SNEC PV POWER EXPO] was initiated by Asian Photovoltaic Industry Association (APVIA), Chinese Renewable Energy Society (CRES), ChineseRenewable Energy Industries Association (CREIA), Shanghai Science & Technology Development and Exchange Center (SSTDEC), Shanghai Federation of Economic Organizations (SFEO), Shanghai New Energy Industry Association (SNEIA), and was jointly organized by Solar Energy Industries Association (SEIA), Japan Photovoltaic Energy Association (JPEA), Asia Pacific Photovoltaic Industry Council (APPIC), New Energy Industry Association for Asia and the Pacific (NEIAAP), China Chamber of Commerce for Import and Export of Machinery and Electronic Products (CCCME), Chinese Renewable Energy Industries Committee (CREIC), China Photovoltaic Society (CPVS), Taiwan Photovoltaic Industry Association (TPVIA), Korea Photovoltaic Industry Association (KOPIA),etc. 
  • SNEC has seen totally 1,538 exhibitors, 160,000 sq. meter exhibition space and over 166,871 visits this year. Photovoltaic companies from 90 countries and regions such as Germany, UK, France, USA, Canada, Japan, Austria, Hungary, Italy, the Netherlands, Switzerland, Belgium, Spain, Singapore, Taiwan, etc. gathered in Shanghai for this grand occasion. 35% of the exhibitors were from overseas. The exhibiting products covered the whole PV industry chain, including PV production equipment, materials, cells, applications & modules, PV projects and systems.


Key Figures

  • Data on Exhibitors

    ——Number of the exhibitors: 1,538
    ——Number of countries originated: 90
    ——Foreign exhibitors and representatives: 35%
    ——Total exhibition space (sqm): 160,000

    Exhibitor Profile
    A Equipment manufacturers 15.6%
    B Solar cells/modules manufacturers 25.1%
    C Components manufacturers 30.3%
    D PV raw materials producers 9.4%
    E Solar application products manufacturers 5.3%
    F PV systems integrators 8.9%
    G Others 5.1%
  • Data on Visits

    ——April 28:83,701
    ——April 29:60,258
    ——April 30:22,912

    1. Visitors’ Business Title
    A Executive
    (President, GM, etc.)
    B Senior management (Manager, etc.) 27.9%
    C Other management (Director, etc.) 30.6%
    D Non-management
    (Staff / professional)
    2. Visitors’ Department and Responsibility
    A Purchasing 28.2%
    B Executive management 10.3%
    C Technology support 15.2%
    D Finance and industry analysis 1.8%
    E Government/public policy 4.9%
    F Marketing 8.2%
    G Environment safety and health 1.3%
    H Investment 3.8%
    I Quality guarantee and project test 3.2%
    J Project development 6.5%
    K Training 1.4%
    L Business agency and cooperation 5.3%
    M Colleges, organizations, experts and scholars 6.8%
    N Others 3.1%
    3. Purchasing Ability
    A Final decision 29.5%
    B Recommendation 39.7%
    C Planning/evaluation 24.2%
    D None 6.6%
    4. Percentage of Interest Products
    A Manufacturing equipment of silicon rods and ingots 8.9%
    B Manufacturing equipment of silicon wafers. 8.5%
    C Manufacturing equipment of cells. 15.2%
    D Manufacturing equipment of panels/modules 10.1%
    E Manufacturing equipment of thin-film panels 3.0%
    F PV materials 28.3%
    G PV cells 30.1%
    H PV modules 38.8%
    I System integrators 10.2%
    J Module installers 12.6%
    K Solar application products 6.8%
  • Previous Data

Highlights and Achievements

  • The theme event, “Advocate and Respond to the Proposal of International Cooperation of PV Industry” successfully held, responding to the strategic deployment of “One Belt and One Road”, with attendees discussing the plan to “go out”

    Jointly proposed by APVIA, CRES, CPIA, CCCME, CREIA and ICC-NDRC, assembling all power in the PV industry chain, taking the lead with the companies in Aisa, Europe and USA to promote the PV industry in the countries where PV industry is developing, the theme event “Advocate and Respond to the Proposal of International Cooperation of PV Industry” is successfully held in Kerry Hotel, Pudong, Shanghai on April 26th of 2015.

    At the Conference, all representatives share their opinions, offer their suggestions and discuss with each other on how to win the support of the governments from all countries including Chinese government, explore the emerging PV markets, establish PV industry base and large ground-mounted plants for solar power generation, and form friendly trading cooperation relationships.

  • Global Solar Leaders Dialogue focuses on the sustainable development of PV industry

    On the afternoon of April 27th, more than 30 leading entrepreneurs and academic experts representative of PV industry organizations in European Union, Asia and North America gather under one roof and held a dialogue on sustainable development of PV industry, focusing on “Global Market Trends”, “Industrial Development Trends” and “Application Market Trends”.

    All entrepreneurs discuss intensely on those topics: the impacts of anti-dumping and anti-subsidy measures, how could Chinese enterprises go out to establish a North American PV industrial park, the shifting of PV manufacturing industry to India and Southeast Asia where the cost of labor is relatively low, the impact of oil price to PV industry, PV latest technology trend, development orientation of distributed PV power systems and how a better quality improves financial opportunities of PV projects, etc.

  • The initiative of Global Solar Energy Council (GSEC) was launched to present one distinct and effective voice for the industry

    Representatives of the world’s leading continental, regional and national solar associations met at the SNEC PV Power Expo event in Shanghai to prepare and launch the Global Solar Energy Council (GSEC) (Name would be redefined in future if necessary). The GSEC will coordinate the interests of the solar power sector, influencing key international decision makers and disseminating information with the aim of accelerating the deployment of solar power across the globe. Four of the founding members are the Asian Photovoltaic Industry Association (APVIA), the Chinese Photovoltaic Industry Association (CPIA), the European Photovoltaic Industry Association (EPIA) and the Solar Energy Industries Association (SEIA – USA). All other national solar energy associations will be invited to join the council.

    Launch Ceremony

  • Director of “Solar Impulse 2” comes to Shanghai, presenting this solar plane’s story vividly on SNEC2015 Conference

    Mr. Gregory Blatt, Director of the air crew of Solar Impulse 2, the first solar–powered plane in the history to fly around the world, arrived at SNEC from Nanjing with best wishes of the whole air crew, introduced the legendary story about this plane, made a vivid presentation of the origin of “Solar Impulse 2” with numerous pictures and also shared setbacks and ordeals the two pilots have gone through along the way. He also planned to build Solar Impulse 3 together with Chinese entrepreneurs.

    Afterwards, Mr. Gregory Blatt accepted an exclusive interview of Dajia Wei, the journalist of SNEC2015. During this interview, Mr. Gregory Blatt mentioned the crew’s knowledge about the haze that China and many places in the world is suffering and expressed that “Solar Impulse” is a great challenge to traditional fossil energy. So they hope that they can call on more people to pay close attention to climate change and hazy weather through efforts, so as to make our earth younger and more beautiful. Mr. Gregory Blatt also hopes powerful Chinese PV enterprises can actively join him and expects that “Solar Impulse 3” with China’s involvement can make its maiden flight soon.

    “Solar Impulse” breaking through the haze

  • Vice Minister of Energy in Malaysia arrived in SNEC2015 and the promotion meeting for the development of Malaysian green technology and its investment environment successfully convened

    To better promote the theme event, “Advocate and Respond to the Proposal of International Cooperation of PV Industry”, it is a pleasure for the organizing committee of SNEC and SNEIA to have the senior official delegation led by the Vice Minister of Energy in Malaysia arriving at The 9th SNEC PV POWER EXPO and convene the promotion meeting for the development of Malaysian green technology and its investment environment together on the noon of April 29th.

    With the development of the globalization of PV industry, governments of different countries, especially the southeastern Asian countries, are attaching more attention to PV industry and plan to promote national economy and protect ecological environment through developing PV industry. The Vice Minister of Energy in Malaysia leads a delegation of senior officials to attend SNEC2015, introduces the related policies to entrepreneurs in Chinese PV industry on how to enter Malaysian market, which brings us infinite business opportunities.

    The promotion conference specially invites top management and decision makers in the mainstream companies of PV industry to share and discuss about the ways and feasibility of “going out”.

  • Purify the energy, benefit all creatures and make them peaceful and happy, and build a well-to-do country -- A talk about solar energy with the Master Renda, the abbot of Zhengjue Temple

    At the Conference of SNEC2015 PV Power Expo appeared two figures of Buddhism. They are the Master Renda, the abbot of Zhengjue Temple in Boshan, Shandong Province and his disciple, Miaohai (Miaohai is Haiyan Sun’s Buddhist name. Haiyan Sun is former CEO of Oerlikon PV China), who becomes a monk lately.

    Master Renda believes solar energy is the new energy, and it is related to the air purification and environment improvement, coincident with the purpose of Buddhism. Generating power by solar energy is a cause benefitting all human beings. He thinks that people should go into the society before they renounce the world. Miaohai’s accomplishment paves the way for him to continue his pursuit in solar and to take advantage of his professional knowledge, which helps bring honor to Zhengjue Temple and make all monks in the temple do some practical things on their own to promote the clean energy and purify environment. The solar energy is not like carbon coal and fuel wood which can’t avoid emitting waste gas and polluting the environment. For example, in many places, the haze occurs very often and harms humans and their descendants. As a disciple believing in Buddhism, we should understand this truth and try our best to use more solar energy instead of the fossil energy which will cause pollution.

    Master Renda suggests the field of Buddhisim make more contributions to developing Chinese PV industry.

  • SNEC (2015) International Solar Energy and Green Building Conference & Challenge Cup of Solar Building Design & Engineering -- promote the application of solar energy in buildings

    SNEC (2015) International Solar Energy and Green Building Conference and Challenge Cup of Solar Building Design & Engineering were successfully held on April 28th in Kerry Hotel, Pudong, Shanghai. Authorities in solar industry and outstanding architects focus on green buildings, share the latest policies, technological achievements, market trend, designing concept, demonstration projects and successful experience. Different ideas across the two fields are shared and sparks of wisdom of the elites are kindled. The experts’ dialogues on “Solar energy and green buildings” discuss and explore issues of common concern, including opportunities and challenges the concepts of green building and solar building have brought to the transformation and development of architectural design, how buildings can harmoniously coexist with surrounding environment and strike a balance between aesthetic appeal and application of renewable energy and green technology, and innovation of solar technology for buildings. This Conference strengthens cross-industry cooperation between solar and building and inject new vitality and creativity into both industries.

    The Jury of the competition consists of 19 experts in the fields of green building and solar engineering from China, Italy and Germany. Jury members carefully evaluated each entry according to strict evaluation criteria and a final evaluation meeting was convened. Finally, 1 entry got First Prize, 2 got Second Prize and 2 got Third Prize for Design Scheme, and 1 entry got First Prize, 1 got Second Prize and 2 got Third Prize for Engineering Project.

    The competition is aimed at improving application of distributed solar building and establishing sustainable developing cities. Based on the theme, Embrace Solar Green Building, this competition depend on the design and engineering practice of green public and residential buildings, focus on the application of solar buildings, improve the application of distributed PV, create a low- carbon and aesthetic living environment and public space, taking a practical action to protect the ecological environment and establish a beautiful China.

    “GREEN YES” by City Projects & Developments Pty. Ltd and Zhuhai Singyes Green Building Technology Co., Ltd. won First Prize for Design Scheme. This design is a large-scale demonstration office building with internationally ultra-low energy consumption which is now being built. Jury members of the competition spoke highly of the design for its ultra-low energy consumption, high proportion of renewable energy utilized (14%), and its application of PV modules with ventilation function to the exterior walls of the building.

    Some distinguished guests attending the opening ceremony

    Award Ceremony of 2015 Challenge Cup of Solar Building Design and Engineering (SBDE 2015)

  • Asian Photovoltaic Industry Association (APVIA) 2nd General Meeting of the 4th Council Successfully Convened

    Asian Photovoltaic Industry Association (APVIA) 2nd General Meeting of the 4th Council successfully convened in the Kerry Hotel, Pudong, Shanghai on April 28th, 2015. Mr. Edwin Khew, Secretary-General of APVIA, presided over the meeting. Mr. Gongshan Zhu, Chief Chairman of APVIA, and Dr. Gordon Chen, Chairman of APVIA Steering Committee, attended the meeting. Also present at the meeting were representatives of members of Steering Committee and Executive Committee, including Prof. Dinghuan Shi, President of Chinese Renewable Energy Society (CRES), Ms. Fang Lv, Secretary-General of China Photovoltaic Society (CPVS), Mr. Chin Soo Mau,Vice President of Malaysian Photovoltaic Industry Association (MPIA), Dr. Sulaiman Shaari, Master Trainer of MPIA, Mr. Guangbin Sun, Vice Secretary-General of China Chamber of Commerce for Import and Export of Machinery and Electronic Products (CCCME), Prof. Zhegen Chen, Honorary Chairman of Zhejiang Renewable Energy Association & Researcher at China Photoelectric Technology Development Center, etc.

    At the meeting, Mr. Gongshan Zhu, Chief Chairman of APVIA, shared his vision for the future development of the association. Representatives from Singaporean, Malaysian and Taiwan associations briefed attendees about latest policies and market conditions in their respective countries / regions. Singapore has reached “grid parity” some time ago, and new business models have entered the market (e.g. “solar leasing”). With the propelling of some governmental projects like SolarNova and so on, the market of solar energy is fairly promising. Malaysian Government solar PV policies & programs include Suria 1000 Government Initiative (1MW) (2008-2011), FIT (2012-2017), Net Energy Metering (NEM) Program and SEDA Proposed 1000MWp by open bidding mechanism (2016 -2020). Dr. Chen mainly introduced 2015 electricity bidding wholesale rate of Taiwan PV power generation equipment as well as electricity non-bidding wholesale rate of Taiwan PV power generation equipment. These good policies play an active and improving role in the PV industry of these countries.

    The meeting attendees discussed intensely on the topics including that all associations provides information to complete the quarterly analysis report on APVIA market and policy, professional installation training courses for rooftop PV system installers and the progress of the preparation and establishment of the global solar organization.

  • SNEC 2015 Scientific Conference -- discuss the cutting-edge technology and development of solar energy and PV together in 8 splendid sessions

    The Scientific Conference provides an excellent platform for the world's PV experts and scientists to showcase and share the latest developments in solar energy technologies. The world's top PV scientists along with CTOs from leading PV companies join the International Scientific Committee. The Conference introduces and shares a wide scope of PV technologies, ranging from silicon feedstock, PV materials, cells, modules, systems and quality assurance to smart grid technologies.

    SNEC 2015 Scientific Conference was held on April 28 and 29, consisting of 8 sessions, where nearly 100 top experts shared the cutting-edge technologies and research findings with attendees via oral presentations, poster presentations, or panel discussion. The speakers not only include the scientists from the well-known universities or research institutes worldwide such as University of New South Wales (UNSW) in Australia, EPFL in Switzerland, National Renewable Energy Laboratory (NREL) in USA, ECN Solar Energy in the Netherlands, Fraunhofer ISE and Fraunhofer CSP in Germany, Solar Energy Research Institute of Singapore (SERIS), Institute for Solar Energy Systems in Sun Yat-sen University, etc., but also gather the CTOs and technical experts from the leading solar companies such as GCL, Trina, Hanergy, Talesun, LDK, China Sunergy, JinkoSolar, CSI, YINGLI, ET Solar, Manz, Roth&Rau, RENA, DuPont, Heraeus, Bosch, TÜV Rheinland, TUV NORD, and so on.

  • Global PV Financial Summit -- How to achieve long-term sustainable development in the new era for PV

    As we enter the new era of Solar 2.0, the Asian region is poised to become the largest annual photovoltaic installations market in the world today, in addition to the manufacturing powerhouse it has already proven itself to be. The Global PV Financial Summit in Shanghai is a must-attend event for players interested not only in the domestic Chinese market, but in the surrounding Asian and other emerging markets as well.

    The global financial summit is unveiled by the opening address by Mr Burkhard Holder from VDE Testing & Certification Institute whose topic is Evolving our understanding of solar financing: from bankability to investability made.

    The global financial summit consists of 14 topic speeches presented by VDE, Bloomberg, Bloomberg New Energy Finance, CCCME, China IPPR International Engineering Co., Ltd., Aquarian Capital LLC, Beijing Sunda Solar Energy Technology Co., Ltd., Quintal Partners, GCL New Energy Holdings Limited, Institute of International Energy, International Cooperation Center, NDRC, TüV SüD, Zhong Min New Energy Investment Co., Ltd., Zhenfa Holding Group Co., Ltd., 5 panel discussions and joint wrap-up session – Global PV Financial Summit & Scientific Conference. The speakers who make presentations and take part in discussion all share many innovative ideas, rich experience, valuable personal experiences with their open-mindedness, broad horizon and abundant knowledge, giving the attendees lots of enlightenment.

    The event explores the future of project financing and risk mitigation for the PV sector. Strategies for achieving differentiation and bankability are tackled in order to help companies achieve sustainable long-term success in this exciting new age for PV.

  • Industry Workshop on Advanced PV Technologies -- covers all aspects of PV application technology and manufacturing

    As a traditional session of the SNEC PV Power Conference, the Industry Workshop on Advanced PV Technologies covers all the aspects of photovoltaic technology and manufacturing, including equipment/devices, materials, processes, manufacturing, integration, as well as emerging photovoltaic technologies and applications.

    The Industry Workshop on Advanced PV Technologies consists of 3 sessions, the topics of which are Balance of System and PV Plants, Solar Cells, Auxiliary Materials and Technologies Related and PV Production Technology and includes over 70 presentations. It is an opportunity that you cannot miss to stay up to date on the technology and market, present your results to the community and network with colleagues.

  • The Joint Media Interview held in Media Centers

    Media Centers were set in the exhibition halls W3 and E2 of Shanghai New International Expo Center separately during SNEC PV Power EXPO 2015. The media centers have proved themselves as excellent platforms for enterprise promotion and communication bridges between the enterprises and the media. To improve the quality of interview, SNEC Organizing Committee organized a media team consisting of hundreds of media from home and abroad as well as a Joint Media Committee with more than 10 industry mainstream media, invited persons in charge of the exhibiting enterprises as guests and employed professional videographers to record throughout the interview. This event is the first domestic attempt on the combination of exhibition and media promotion, and undoubtedly can greatly improve the added-value of SNEC.

    In the interviews, we can find both traditional media, such as magazines and so on and new media represented by the Internet media. Both professional media in PV industry like Darmei International Information, and and mass media such as the Xinhua News Agency,