2019 Int’l Energy Storage and Hydrogen & Fuel Cell Engineering Technology Conference



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The 2019 International Energy Storage and Hydrogen & Fuel Cell Conference aims to promote the cooperation of energy storage, hydrogen energy and fuel cell technology in China and around the world. The Conference will discuss policies, cutting-edge technology, market trends, business model, and financing tools, etc. in order to strengthen collaborative innovation and promote healthy and orderly development of energy storage and hydrogen energy industries.

The conference has already invited several international influential keynote speakers including the senior expert of fuel cells at the Joint Research Center of the European Commission, experts from International Battery Energy Storage Alliance(IBESA)and the Korean Hydrogen &New Energy Society, leading scholars in hydrogen energy from Japan, as well as senior research analyst at ROTH Capital Partners from Wall Street. The conference also invites guest speakers from leading universities and research institutes from Politecnico di Torino, Tsinghua University, Beijing University of Chemical Technology, Shanghai Jiaotong University, Tongji University and the Chinese Academy of Science. The areas of expertise covered include energy storage, hydrogen production and transportation, and power generation project development. The conference attendees and speakers also include policy makers, municipal government officers, and executives from leading enterprises, financial institutions, consultancies and media partners.

4 June, 2019, Tuesday                          Agenda

Opening ceremony

Moderator:Mr Zhen Wang 

Director of Shanghai science and Technology Exchange Center


·       Government officials

·       Dr Heinz Ossenbrink

Former Head of Unit, Energy Efficiency and Renewable Energy, European Commission, Joint Research Centre

·       Mr Dinghuan Shi

Former counselor of the State Council, former chairman of China Renewable Energy Society and former secretary-general of the Ministry of Science and Technology; Former Vice Chairman, International Partnership for Hydrogen and Fuel Cells in the Economy(IPHE)

·       Mr Gongshan Zhu

Chairman, Global Green Energy Industry Council (GGEIC)

·       Prof Feng Wang

Vice President of Beijing University of Chemical Technology

·       Prof Hewu Wang
Deputy Secretary-General of China Electric Vehicle Association; Professor, Department of Automotive Engineering,Tsinghua University




Sino-Italian "One Belt, One Road" Joint Declaration on Green Energy Collaboration


Plenary Session



Moderator: Mr Jose DONOSO

Director General, Spanish National Photovoltaic Association (UNEF)


Topic: Policy Interpretation and Market Prospect


Development of New generation Energy System and Energy Storage & Hydrogen Energy

Mr Xiaoxin Zhou

Academician of the Chinese Academy of Sciences and Honorary President of the Chinese Academy of Electric Power Sciences


Hydrogen Production and Use with Renewables

– Recent Developments in the European Union and Outlook

Dr Heinz Ossenbrink

Former Head of Unit, Energy Efficiency and Renewable Energy, European Commission, Joint Research Centre


Prospects for the development of China's hydrogen energy industry Mr Zhuoping Yu

Director of Smart New Energy Vehicle Collaborative Innovation Center, Tongji University


Present status and prospect toward hydrogen society in Japan

Prof Ken Okazaki

Professor & Honorary professor, Tokyo Institute of Technology Innovation Institute, Global leading scholar in hydrogen energy


Energy Transition and Hydrogen Economy Roadmap in KOREA

Dr. Kook-Young Ahn

Research Fellow, Korea Institute of Machinery & Materials (KIMM);

Honorary President, The Korean Hydrogen & New Energy Society(KHNES)


Status-Quo and Future Scenarios for Energy Storage in Europe
Mr. Leo Ganz

Member of the Management Board of International Battery Energy Storage Alliance(IBESA);

Partner, EuPD Research Sustainable Management GmbH

Topic: Leading development of technology innovation



Fuel cell systems for power generationTBD

Prof Feng Wang

Vice President of Beijing University of Chemical Technology



Hydrogen Fuel Cell in Aeronautics Actual and Next Future Evolutions Prof. Paolo Maggiore

Professor, Mechanical and Aerospace Engineering Department (DIMEAS) of Politecnico di Torino



Research progress on new generation thermal energy storage technology

Prof. Changying Zhao
the Chair Professor, Executive Dean of China-UK Low Carbon College,and the Director of Institute of Engineering Thermophysics,Shanghai Jiao Tong University;the Chair Professor of the “National 1000 Talents Program”



Development and Opportunities in Energy Storage, Digital Energy and Green Mobile

Mr. Florian Mayr 
Partner and the head of Apricum’s energy storage practice



Hydrogen as a key technology for renewable energy at higher penetration levels

Dr Michio Kondo

Supervisory Innovation Coordinator,National Institute of Advanced Industrial Science and Technology, AIST


Challenges and Prospects for Local Manufacture of the Metal Bipolar Plate Fuel Cell Stack

Dr. Tao Wang

General Manager, Department of Fuel Cell Business,Shanghai Institute of Space Power-sources

Topic: Integrated Application Innovation


Marketization of Electric Power and Business Model of Energy Storage

Ms Fengyun Zhao

Vice President of China Electricity Technology Market Association


The overview of SAIC fuel cell development

Mr Wei Cheng

Chief Engineer of Pioneering fuel cell vehicle, Shanghai Automotive Industry Corporation;Deputy General Manager, Shanghai Jet Hydrogen Technology Co., Ltd.

Topic: Strategy and Prospect Analysis on Investment and financing in hydrogen and energy storage sector



Energy Storage: Emerging Paradigms in Transportation and Utility Solutions

Mr Craig E. Irwin

Managing Director, Senior Analyst, ROTH Capital Partners



5 June, 2019, Wednesday                           Agenda

Moderator: Dr Jijiang He

Executive Director , Research Center for Energy Transition and Social Development,

Tsinghua University

Topic: Policy Interpretation and Market Prospect


Market Development and Forecast for Energy Storage

Ms Tina Zhang

Standards manager, China Energy Storage Alliance


What is the future of batteries in the power sector?

Mr Sam Wilkinson

Associate Director, Energy Technology, IHS Markit

Topic: Advanced Technology Research and Future Development




The Opportunities and Challenges of Proton Exchange Membrane Fuel Cells (PEMFC) for Automotive Application

Prof. Junliang Zhang 
Zhiyuan Chair Professor, Standing Vice-President of Zhiyuan College, Shanghai Jiao Tong University; National "Thousand People Plan" Specially-invited Expert;Director of fuel cell research institute


Hydrogen Development and Zero-Emission Shipping of the Yangtze River

Dr Jijiang He

Executive Director , Research Center for Energy Transition and Social Development, Tsinghua University



Present Status and Development Trend for Fuel Cell Platinum-Carbon Catalysts

Prof Qiaosen Yang

Northwest Institute for Non-Ferrous Metal Research

National Standard Constitutor for Test Method of Platinum-Carbon Catalysts

Topic : Integrated Application Innovation



Subversive Energy Storage Technology Leads The Energy Revolution

Dr. Jianbin Wu

CEO of Changxing Taihu Electric Corporation



Analysis on Energy storage Technology Route and Economical Efficiency

Mr Zhi Chen

Deputy General Manager, Energy Storage Division, Sungrow Power Co., Ltd.



Application of Metal Plate Fuel Cell

Mr Liming Xu

Chairman of Cemt Co., Ltd




Internet Hydrogen Energy Technology

Dr Song He

Researcher, College of Energy, Xiamen University


Economic analysis and technical route of hydrogen production in photovoltaic power plant or wind power generation

Mr Xiaoming Hao

Technical Director, Beijing China-hydrogen Century Energy Technology Co., Ltd.

Topic : Standards, Regulations and International Certification


Market Access & International Standards for Batteries and Energy Storage Systems

Dr Jochen Mäehliss

Head Batteries and Energy Storage Systems, VDE renewables




Overview of Safety and Standards for Energy Storage Systems

Mr Liang Tang

Standards Manager of China Energy Storage Alliance



Panel Discussion: key Technology and business model for energy storage & hydrogen energy and fuel cells


1. What are the difficulties and key points of energy storage technology on the supply side, power transmission and distribution side, and user side of the power system?

2. What are the cutting-edge technologies for developing hydrogen energy industry? What is the prospect of Internet + hydrogen utilization?

3. What is the key to the technology of hydrogen energy and fuel cells application in transportation systems?

4. Discussion on the business model of energy storage, hydrogen energy and fuel cell development and application

5. Standard research on energy storage, hydrogen energy and fuel cell standards


Closing ceremony

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