Industry Workshop on High Efficiency Solar Cells, Auxiliary Materials and Technologies Related(TOPCon Solar Cells Technology)


Date:    Wednesday, June 5, 2019
Room: Pudong Kerry Hotel, Shanghai, Pudong Ballroom 1-3
Time:   10:00- 12:30

With the launch of the "Super Top Runner Program", the solar industry is accelerating the transition from research and development to mass production of high-efficiency solar cell and module technologies. Meanwhile, the demand of PV industry to reduce the LCOE is becoming increasingly strong, and new integration trend of technology appears. At present, the high-efficiency solar cell technologies selected by the industry mainly include p-type mono-&multi-silicon PERC, n-type PERT, TOPCon, HJT and new-type IBC, while high-efficiency module technologies include bifacial, halfcut, MBB and shingled technologies. This Industry Workshop will focus on TOPCon solar cells Technology.


Moderator: Dr Stanley Sun, CEO, Polar Photovoltaics Co., Ltd.


Dr Yue Li

Solar Cells R&D Engineer, Suzhou Talesun Solar Technologies Co., Ltd.

What is next for PERC?


Prof Ying Zhao

Director of College of Electronic Information and Optical Engineering, Nankai University

High-Efficiency c-Si Solar Cells with Carrier-Selective, Passivation Contacts


Dr Stanley Sun

CEO, Polar Photovoltaics Co., Ltd.

Applications of tunnel oxide passivation and LPCVD technologies in the semiconductor devices and the TOPCon solar cells fabrication processes


Dr Baojie Yan

Ningbo Institute of Industrial Technology, Chinese Academy of Sciences

Ultrathin Oxide Passivation and Polysilicon Contact in High Efficiciency Crystal Silicon Solar Cells


Mr Pradeep Padhamnath

Researcher, SERIS, NUS

Analysis of p+ poly-Si layers deposited by LPCVD for the applications in large area c-Si solar cells incorporating passivated contacts


Dr Zhifeng Liu

General Manager, Jolywood (Taizhou) Solar Technology Co., Ltd.