Industry Workshop on PV Intelligent Manufacturing Technology


Date: 5 June 2019

Room:Kerry Hotel Pudong, Shanghai, Function Room 3

Time:  13:30-17:30

In recent years, the application of intelligent manufacturing in PV industry has developed to become an important way for speeding up the transformation and upgrading of the industry, improving the quality efficiency and strengthening the competitiveness of PV enterprises in the world. Currently, the PV industry still faces an over capacity at the low end and profitability of enterprises is not strong, it is necessary to further guide the PV manufacturing to accelerate the development of intelligent, informatization, to promote market differentiation between high-end capacity and backward production capacity, and to push out of backward production capacity from the market to improve core competitiveness of the industry.


Moderator: Dr Jutta Trube, VDMA Electronics, Micro and Nano Technologies

          Mr Bryan Ekus, SOLARUNITED


Mr Richard Moreth

Vitronic GmbH

Significant cost reductions with post process AOI (automatic optical inspection) systems and automatic feedback in cell production lines


Dr Simon Haenni

Meyer Burger (Switzerland) AG

SmartWire Connection Technology: A unique and versatile equipment to produce reliable and high-efficiency PV modules


Dr Klaus Ramspeck

h.a.l.m. elektronik GmbH

Flasher integrated electroluminescence measurements - automatic defect recognition and combined analysis with IV-measurement data


Mr Xing Xu

R&D Manager Testing Center of cutting technology, Qingdao Gaoce Technology Co., Ltd

Development tendency and cost reducement of diamond wiring cutting technology


Dr Holger Kühnlein

VP Technology, RENA Technologies GmbH

Adaptation of the Industrial PERC Solar Cell Process Chain to plated Ni/Cu/Ag front contact metallization