4th Energy Interconnection Technologies and Application Summit

Date: Sunday, 9 August 2020
Room: Kerry Hotel Pudong, Shanghai, Pudong Ballroom 4

With the theme of “Independent Technology Innovation and Energy Information Integration", the 4th Energy Interconnection Technologies and Application Summit will continue to deep explore the topics about energy interconnection technology and development, integration of energy information technology, comprehensive energy services and industrial upgrading. It will involve discussions regarding: energy interconnection policies and development, demonstration projects, technical and standard systems; energy interconnection, integrated energy, multi-energy complementary structure and key technologies; “Power - Grid - Load - Storage” and “Cloud - Communication - Edge - End” platforms as well as energy trading; the integration and collaborative optimization of new technologies such as energy and big data, cloud platform, IOT, mobile computing, AI, block chain, 5G, etc.

The Summit will invite scholars, experts, engineers, entrepreneurs and other PV professionals from different fields of politics, industry, academic, research and corporation to join this platform with deep integration and project matchmaking between PV and energy interconnection. The important role of energy interconnection in the development of the Yangtze River Delta will be highlighted.



Chairs: Feng Gao, Deputy Secretary General of China Energy Internet Alliance, Vice President of Energy Inernet Research Institute, Tsinghua University

Fengyun Zhao, Vice Chairman & Chairman of Smart Energy Committee, China Electricity Technology Market Association

Executive Director: Chengzhen Lin, Senior Engineer, State Council Special Allowance Expert; Vice Chairman of Expert Committee of SNEC Organizing Committee




Moderator: Feng Gao



Mr. Dinghuan Shi

Former Counselor of the State Council; Former Chairman of China Renewable Energy Society; Former Secretary-General of the Ministry of Science and Technology


Mr. Dingming Xu

Former Counselor of the State Council; Vice Chairman of National Energy Expert Consultative Committee


Keynote Address

Technology leading, collaborative innovation, promoting energy transition and high-quality development

Prof. Fengling Li

Chairman of Beijing Smart China Energy Internet Research Institute; Vice-President of China Energy Internet Alliance; Vice-Director of China International Urbanization Development Strategy Research Committee


Keynote Address

The overall design and practice of State Grid New Energy Cloud

Mr. Jinsong Liu

Chief Designer and Project Leader of State Grid New Energy Cloud; Deputy Director of Development Planning Dept., State Grid Co. Ltd.

Theme 1: Policy, Market, Technological Innovation and Industrial Upgrading

Moderator: Fengyun Zhao


Keynote speech 1.1

New ICT technology accelerates the digital development of energy industry

Mr. Junli Ma

Business Development Director, Huawei Technologies Co., Ltd.


Keynote speech 1.2

Compensation and Elimination of Photovoltaic Power Generation Volatility: Enlightenment from German Practical Experience to China

Mr. Guangyuan Tao

Executive Director of Sino-German Renewable Energy Cooperation Center


Keynote speech 1.3

Increase the grid integration of distributed energy

Dr. Z.Y. Dong

Professor, University of News South Wales

Theme 2: Energy Digitalization, Information Security, Blockchain and Integrated Energy Services

Moderator: Fengyun Zhao


Keynote speech 2.1

Challenges and Opportunities of Digital Energy Transition

Dr. Feng Gao

Deputy Secretary General of China Energy Internet Alliance; Deputy Director of Energy Internet Research Institute, Tsinghua University.


Keynote speech 2.2

Protection and security of key data in the era of energy Internet

Lukas Dieplinger



Keynote speech 2.3

Blockchain Technology and Applications in Energy Field

Dr. Songpu Ai

Assistant Researcher of Research Institute of Information Technology, Tsinghua University


Keynote speech 2.4

Integrated Energy Service based on Artificial Intelligence

Dr. Haochen Hua

Professor, Hohai University

Theme 3: Energy Internet Standards and NEA Demonstration Projects


Keynote speech 3.1

Enhance standard top-level design and accelerate the construction of energy Internet

Mr. Yongdong Liu

Director of Standardization Management Center, China Federation of Electric Power Enterprises


Keynote speech 3.2

Energy structure of Shanghai Lingang Park

Dr. Qifen Li

Professor, Shanghai University of Electric Power


Keynote speech 3.3

Cooperative operation of different types of power supply and users in power system power balance in the new era

Ms. Fengyun Zhao

Vice President of China Electric Power Technology Market Association and Chairman of Comprehensive Intelligence Energy Committee


Panel Discussion

Independent Technology Innovation and Energy Information Integration



  • Policy, Market, Technological Innovation and Industrial Upgrading
  • Energy Digitalization, Information Security, Blockchain and Integrated Energy Services
  • Energy Internet Standards and NEA Demonstration Projects


Dr. Wei Wang

General Engineer of NARI Institute, State Grid Electric Power Research Institute, China


Guests specially invited:

Dr. Junwei Cao

Professor and Vice Dean of Research Institute of Information Technology, Tsinghua University

Mr. Haitao Liu

Secretary General of CEC Energy Internet Standardization Technical Committee; Director of China Electric Power Research Institute

Mr. Shaohua Su

Dean of College of Continuing Education, SUEP

Executive Deputy Director of Shanghai Education & Communication Centre of Green Energy

Dr. Qiang Li
Vice-director for Center of Power System & New Energy, State Grid Jiangsu Electric Power Company Research Institute

Dr. Lang Huang
GM of Micro-grid Product Line of TBEA Xi’an Electric Technology Co., Ltd.

Mr. Bin Fang
General Manager of Trinasolar Cloud Energy Internet Technology (Hangzhou) Co., Ltd.

Mr. Shi Song
Director, Sungrow

Mr. John Black
CEO of SUNTHER Information Technology Co., Ltd.

Mr. Yu Jiang

ITS BG CIO, BOE Technology Group Co., Ltd.

Dr. Yongzhong Nie
Chairman, FATRI United Testing & Control (Quanzhou) Technologies Co., Ltd.




Energy Internet Standardization Technical Committee


Smart Energy Committee


Supporting Partners:

Shanghai Education and Communication Centre of Green Energy