Megawatt Jadeite Award

01 Shanghai Hongjun New energy materials Co.,Ltd

     Large size wafer graphite boat


01 Jiangsu Zhongtian Technologies Co.,Ltd

     Advanced transparent backsheet ZTT-KPOC for double glass solar module


02 Alpha ESS Co., Ltd.



02 Shanghai Sermatec Energy Technology Co., Ltd.

   A Safe, Efficient, Defined Rights and Responsibilities New Lithium Battery Energy Storage System Management Technology


03 TÜV NORD Greater China

     Performance evaluation of LeTID behavior of PV modules with PERC solar cells


03 Shanghai Boonray Intelligent Technology Co.,Ltd

     Intelligent drones inspection system for solar plants


04 Yingli Energy Technology Co.Ltd

     PV power generation system on the communication base station               


04 Jiangsu Serephim Solar System Co.,Ltd

    Seraphim Blade Bifacial module


05 Xi An Golden Stone Electric Technology Co., Ltd.

    Solar-E optical storage system perfectly combines the Internet with mobile apps


05 Yingli Energy Technology Co.Ltd



06 Jiangsu Lushan Photovoltaic Technology Co.,Ltd

    Multiple options for glass-glass module encapsulation


06 Beijing Dynamic Power Co.,Ltd

     Intelligent, Safe, Efficient and Simple New Energy Power Station by MLPE


07 Jiangxi H&D New Energy Co.,Ltd

     Energy Storage System Volume Energy Density Up To 166Wh/L






     Trans-box PV-Battery integrated off-grid living container


08 Sinomags Technology Co.,LTD

     Sinomags launches AC side Current Sensors for Medium Power PV Inverters


09 Beijing JA Solar PV Technology Co.,Ltd.

      The Best Overseas Market Development Company


09 Xi An Golden Stone Electric Technology Co., Ltd.

    Golden Stone Centralized Control Chain Intelligent Energy-storage Solution


10 Yingli Energy Technology Co.Ltd

     Photovoltaic Agricultural BIPV Power Plant in Guilinyang Tropical Agricultural Park, Haikou City, Hainan Province       

10 Chint New Energy Development(Zhejiang)Co.,Ltd.

    AstroTwins High Efficient Mono Bifacial Dual-glass Module


11 Beijing SolarRay Technology Co.,Ltd/Shandong SolarRay PV Equipment Co.,Ltd

     Large Capacity & Low Energy Consumption Ceramic Roller Type Light Decay Integrated Sintering Furnace


11 Shandong Zhaori New Energy Tech. Co., Ltd.

     The most effective technology to increase the revenue of distributed solar power stations


12  ADL Analoge & Digitale Leistungselektronik GmbH

      ADL New Pulse Power Supplies for Best Sputter-Process Performance


 12 Shenzhen Hopewind Electric Co., Ltd.

      35kV/2.5MW35kV/3.125MW 1500V Centralized Step-up Integrated Inverter Machine



     Next Generation of LED Solar Simulator - Achieving Better Performance than Xenon



     Outdoor folding solar charging treasure


14 Kipp & Zonen B.V.

     DustIQ Soiling Monitoring System


14 Flextech Company

     Pocket energy intelligent solar charger


15 AISWEI New Energy Technology (Jiangsu) Co., Ltd.

     Smart string inverter with high power density for large size residential application


15 Institute of Microelectronics of the Chinese Academy of Sciences /Xuzhou Cas Rich-Sun New Energy Tech.Co.,Ltd

     Environmentally Friendly Single Crystal Black Silicon Inverted Pyramid and Its Application in Solar Cells


16 Yingli Energy Technology Co.Ltd

     Yunying Intelligent Centralized Control System of Photovoltaic Power Station


16 Wuxi Longmax Technology Co., Ltd.

    DC 1500V Combiner Box for Floating Power Station