Instructors: Sean White, Bill Brooks         Subjects: Solar: NABCEP, Solar: Design and Installation         Length: 1 module


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The 2020 NEC has just been released and you should know all about it! This course will count for 2 hours of NABCEP CE and prerequisite credit. You will receive a digital certificate of completion.

Bill Brooks and Sean White published the book Photovoltaics and the National Electric Code, which was based on the 2017 NEC and are currently writing a 2020 NEC version.

Sean and Bill will cover the new 2020 NEC, 2017 NEC as well as Energy Storage. Bill and Sean have been teaching NEC Workshops together for 8 years and together have over 40 years of PV training experience. Sean was the 2014 IREC Trainer of the year and was awarded the 2019 APVIA award for Academic Contribution in Shanghai.

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Sean White
2014 IREC Trainer of the Year

Sean White was the 2014 Interstate Renewable Energy Council Trainer of the Year. He is an ISPQ Certified Solar PV Master Trainer and has authored several books on solar. He contributed to the development of the NABCEP PV Installation Professional Job Task Analysis and has been a member of the NABCEP PV Installation Professional Technical Committee. Sean is a highly-experienced PV educator with thousands of hours teaching entry level, intermediate, and advanced PV classes at solar training centers throughout the world. Many thousands of his students are employed at both startup and leading solar companies. Sean also designs commercial and residential PV systems.


Bill Brooks PE, of Brooks Engineering LLC, has over 30 years of experience designing, installing, and evaluating grid-connected PV systems. More than 12,000 installers and inspectors have attended his courses throughout the U.S. and abroad. His field troubleshooting skills have been valuable in determining where problems occur to focus training on those issues of greatest need. He has written several important technical manuals for the industry that are now widely used throughout the United States and beyond. His recent publications include the Expedited Permit Process for PV Systems, the Field Inspection Guidelines for PV Systems, and Understanding the CalFire Solar PV Installation Guidelines, as well as articles in Photon and SolarPro magazines.

He is actively involved in the developments of PV codes and standards including IEEE-929 and IEEE1547 (PV Utility Interconnection), the National Electrical Code (NEC) Article 690 (Solar Photovoltaic Systems), and IEC TC82 (international PV standards). Mr. Brooks is an active participant on many codes and standards panels including Code Making Panel 4 of the National Electrical Code, UL1703 and UL1741 Standards Technical Panels, and IEC TC82 Working Group 3 and 6. Mr. Brooks is a member of the California Office of the State Fire Marshal’s (Cal Fire) PV Task force that developed the Solar Photovoltaic Installation Guideline, which became the model for national regulation.

Mr. Brooks holds Bachelor and Master of Science Degrees in Mechanical Engineering from N.C. State University and is a
Registered Professional Engineer in North Carolina and California.

2020 NEC Workshop

  • Welcome! (Text)
  • 2020 NEC Free Access (Text)
  • Go-At-Your-Own-Pace (Text)
  • 2020 NEC Video 1 Intro and what defines a PV system (Video - 15:03 minutes)
  • 2020 NEC Video 2, AC and DC Coupling, 690.2 definitions (Video - 15:52 minutes)
  • 2020 NEC Video 3 Voltage (Video - 16:05 minutes)
  • 2020 NEC Video 4 Bifacial, Solsmart Permit Process, Voltage Irradiance and Temp. (Video - 15:19 minutes)
  • 2020 NEC Video 5 690.8 Current! (Video - 16:42 minutes)
  • 2020 NEC Video 6 690.8 and 690.8(A)(2) Circuits Connected to Electronic Power Converters (Video - 15:30 minutes)
  • 2020 NEC Video 7 of 8 (Video - 18:08 minutes)
  • 2020 NEC Video 8 of 8 (Video - 18:56 minutes)
  • Quiz hints from the NEC (Download .pdf)
  • 2020 NEC Quiz (Quiz)
  • Code-Compliant Conductor Sizing - SolarPro Article (Download .pdf)
  • Sandia Report (Download .pdf)
  • Live Online Proctoring (LOP) for All NABCEP Exams! (Text)



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